Listening 8 - Fun with animals (Key answers)

Descripción: Listening básico 8 en inglés - Fun with animals (Key anwers). Escucha el siguiente listening y completa los huecos. Después, comprueba tus respuestas.

I love spending time with animals because they bring joy and happiness to my life. My friend has a pet dog named Max, and we often play together. Max is a playful and friendly dog. We throw a ball, and he happily chases after it. Sometimes, we take him for a walk in the park, and he sniffs around, excited to explore. I also enjoy visiting the local zoo. There, I can see different kinds of animals, like lions, tigers, elephants, and monkeys. I observe them from a safe distance and learn interesting facts about each species. At the zoo, there's a petting area where I can touch and feed friendly animals like rabbits and goats. It's a wonderful experience to interact with them. Sometimes, I also watch animal documentaries on TV. I learn about their habitats, behaviors, and how to take care of them. Animals bring so much joy to our lives, and I feel grateful to have the opportunity to be around them.