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(Mixed verbal tenses - exercise)


(Verbal tense exercises - Basic level)



  1. Complete the sentences with the present simple or continuous:


a)      What time __________ (you /catch) the bus every morning?

b)      ___________ (you / meet) Patrick tonight?

c)      My brother __________ (not get up) early at the weekends.

d)     She ____________ (not be) the one I told you!


  1. Complete the following sentences with the past simple and past continuous:


a)      The sun ___________ (shine) at 7.30 this morning when I got up.

b)      We met lots of famous actors when we __________ (live) in Hollywood.

c)      Sally ___________ (not understand) the answer because she wasn’t listening.


  1. Complete with present perfect simple:


a)      I _________ (burn) a cd of some dance music.

b)      Jill is hungry because he ___________ (not eat) anything today.

c)      _____________ (you /like) snowboarding? It’s great fun.

d)     How many times ___________ (she / play) the guitar in public?


  1. Complete with the comparative and superlative form:


a)      Many people think TV and films are ______________ (violent) they were ten years ago.

b)      Last year, August 23rd was _____________ (hot) day of the year.

c)      Chicago is ____________ (busy) airport in the world.

d)     This is ____________ (boring) video game I’ve ever played in my life.


  1. Complete with future simple (will) or future with going to:


a)      “I’m really cold”. I _________ (get) a jumper for you.

b)      What __________ (you /do) this weekend? Have you got plans?

c)      Scientist predict that new medicines___________ (save) many lives.

d)     I’ve decided that I ___________ (not go) to university next year. I want to travel first.


  1. Complete with the first or second time of conditional sentences:


a)      More dangerous species __________ (die) if we don’t protect them.

b)      If you don’t go to the concert, you ___________ (not see) Rachel.

c)      Industry would continue to cause pollution if we ___________ (not protest).


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