Tiempos verbales - Ejercicio 7

Descripción: Tiempos verbales - Ejercicio 7. Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma verbal correcta de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis. Después, comprueba tus respuestas. 


Completa las oraciones con la forma verbal correcta:

1. She (play) tennis every weekend.

2. We (study) Spanish for two years now.

3. Last night, they (watch) a movie at home.

4. While I (clean) the house, my sister was listening to music.

5. By the end of the month, he (learn) how to cook lasagna.

6. The birds (chirp) outside every morning.

7. They (prepare) for the exam for weeks now.

8. The stars (twinkle) brightly in the night sky.

9. How often (you / practice) yoga?

10. How long (she / wait) for her appointment?

11. By the time we arrived, the children (play) outside for hours.

12. What (you / do) when the phone rang?

13. He (read) a novel since last week.

14. I (not / see) him at the party last night.

15. They (dance) at their wedding anniversary celebration.

16. My grandparents (live) in this neighborhood for over fifty years.

17. Who (win) the singing competition last month?

18. The train (already / leave) when we got to the station.

19. (you / hear) about the new restaurant downtown?

20. While she (study) for her exam, her phone rang.