Reading 5 - My trip to London (Nivel básico)

Descripción: Descubre mi emocionante viaje a Londres, con sus icónicos lugares, museos y deliciosa comida. ¿Cuánto sabes sobre mi experiencia? ¡Pon a prueba tus conocimientos en el cuestionario relacionado!

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My Trip to London


Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit London, a city with a rich history and vibrant culture. It was an unforgettable experience.


Firstly, London is famous for its iconic landmarks. I visited the Tower of London, where I learned about its history and saw the Crown Jewels. Additionally, I took a ride on the London Eye and marveled at the breathtaking views of the city.


Moreover, I explored the city's museums. The British Museum was incredible, with artifacts from around the world. Furthermore, I was amazed by the art at the National Gallery, where I saw famous paintings like the Mona Lisa.


In addition to the historical sites and museums, I enjoyed the local cuisine. I tried traditional fish and chips at a local pub and had afternoon tea with scones and clotted cream.


However, the weather in London can be unpredictable. I experienced several rainy days, so it's essential to be prepared with an umbrella or raincoat.


Lastly, I met friendly locals who were eager to share their city's history and culture with me. It made my trip even more enjoyable.



Choose the correct option for each question:


1. What is London famous for according to the text?

2. What did the narrator see at the Tower of London?

3. What did the narrator do on the London Eye?

4. Which museum did the narrator visit in London?

5. Which famous painting did the narrator see at the National Gallery?

6. What traditional food did the narrator try at a local pub?

7. What other local delicacy did the narrator have besides fish and chips?

8. How is the weather in London according to the narrator?

9. What did the narrator use to prepare for the weather in London?

10. How did the locals contribute to the narrator's experience in London?

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