Reading 2 - Will Sarah take my advice? (Nivel intermedio)

Descripción: "El dilema de Sarah: ¿Seguirá su estilo lógico al aconsejar a su amigo Mark o adaptará sus consejos a sus necesidades emocionales? ¡Descubre más en el siguiente cuestionario!"

Reading 2 - Will Sarah take my advice (Nivel intermedio)

Will Sarah Take My Advice?


Sarah has always been an independent thinker. She values her own judgment and doesn't easily rely on others for advice. So, when a close friend, Mark, finds himself in a tough situation and seeks her counsel, it sparks a dilemma for Sarah.


First of all, Sarah's approach to giving advice is methodical. She carefully evaluates the situation, considers the pros and cons, and provides thoughtful suggestions. This is one of the reasons her friends often turn to her for guidance.


On the other hand, Mark is facing a personal and emotional problem, which makes the situation more complex. It raises the question: Will Sarah's rational and logical advice align with Mark's emotional needs?


To begin with, Sarah's initial response is to offer Mark practical solutions and logical steps to address his issue. She emphasizes the importance of clear communication and setting achievable goals.


However, Mark seems to be seeking not only advice but also emotional support. He's dealing with a breakup, and his primary need is to cope with the emotional pain. This brings up another dilemma: Should Sarah prioritize logical solutions over emotional support?


Furthermore, Sarah is aware that her friend values her rational thinking, so she fears that offering emotional support might be seen as a deviation from her usual advice-giving style.


In contrast, Sarah knows that true friendship often involves adapting to the emotional needs of the moment, which can sometimes mean being empathetic and providing emotional support.


In conclusion, Sarah is at a crossroads. Will she stick to her methodical advice-giving style, or will she adapt to meet Mark's emotional needs in this challenging time?


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