Reading 12 - My family (Nivel básico)

Descripción: ¡Descubre mi familia! Somos cercanos y cariñosos. Mi padre, John, es profesor, mi madre, Emily, es enfermera, y mi hermana, Sarah, tiene 10 años. Después de leer, ¡responde un cuestionario sobre nosotros! ¿Cuántos miembros somos? ¿Cuál es el trabajo de papá? ¿Edad de Sarah? ¿Qué hacemos en familia los fines de semana? ¿Qué significa mi familia para mí? ¡Diviértete aprendiendo! 🏡💕

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Reading: My Family


Hello! I want to tell you about my family. I have a small family, but we are very close. There are four members: my parents, my younger sister, and me.


Firstly, let me introduce my parents. My father's name is John, and he works as a teacher. My mother's name is Emily, and she is a nurse. They are hardworking and caring.


Next, there's my younger sister, Sarah. She is 10 years old and goes to elementary school. We play together and sometimes help each other with homework.


We love spending time together as a family. On weekends, we often go for a picnic in the park or watch movies at home. During family dinners, we share stories and laugh a lot.


In conclusion, my family means everything to me. They are my best friends, and I feel fortunate to have them in my life.

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