Reading 3 - Physical description (Nivel básico)

Descripción: Lee el siguiente texto con el que aprenderás a expresar como se ve una persona. Después completa el ejercicio  eligiendo la respuesta adecuada, así pondrás a prueba tu conocimiento.

Reading 3 - Physical description (Nivel básico)

Physical Description


When we meet someone new, it's common to describe their physical appearance. Let's talk about some common words and phrases we can use to describe how people look.


Firstly, when describing someone's height, you can say they are tall, short, or of average height. For example, "Sarah is quite tall, while Mark is rather short."


Secondly, you can describe a person's build. You might say someone is slim, overweight, or has an athletic build. For instance, "Emma is slim, but David has an athletic build."


Thirdly, you can talk about hair color and style. People can have blonde, brown, black, or red hair. They might wear it long, short, or in a ponytail. For instance, "Linda has long, brown hair, and John keeps his hair short."


Fourthly, you can describe a person's facial features. You can talk about their eyes, nose, and mouth. You might say, "Emily has blue eyes, a small nose, and a beautiful smile."


Fifthly, clothing can also be part of a person's physical description. Someone might be wearing glasses or have a distinctive style. You could say, "Daniel wears glasses, and he always dresses casually."


Finally, don't forget to mention any special characteristics like tattoos, scars, or piercings if they are visible. You could say, "Tom has a tattoo on his arm, and Sarah has a small scar on her cheek."

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