Reading 25 - Shopping and money (Nivel básico)

Descipción: Descubre la relación entre compras y dinero en este breve texto. Aprende cómo el dinero afecta nuestras compras y cómo hacer compras inteligentes. ¡Desafía tus conocimientos con un cuestionario al final!

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Reading 25 - Shopping ans money (Nivel básico)

 Shopping and Money


Shopping is a common activity that people engage in to buy goods and services they need or desire. Money plays a crucial role in this process, as it is the medium of exchange used to purchase items. Let's explore the connection between shopping and money.


When we go shopping, we usually bring our wallet or purse, which contains cash and cards. Cash is physical money in the form of coins and paper bills. Cards, such as credit or debit cards, allow us to pay electronically without using cash.


Consequently, money provides us with the ability to acquire products and services. It allows us to participate in various economic activities, supporting businesses and contributing to the economy.


In addition, there are different ways to shop. People can visit physical stores like malls or local markets, where they can see and touch the items before buying. Alternatively, online shopping has become increasingly popular, allowing people to purchase items from the comfort of their homes using websites and apps.


On the other hand, it's important to be mindful of our spending habits. Creating a budget can help us manage our money and avoid overspending. It's wise to prioritize needs over wants to ensure financial stability.


However, shopping doesn't only involve spending money. Sales, discounts, and promotions are common in many stores. These can be opportunities to save money or get more for your purchase.


In conclusion, shopping and money are tightly connected. Money enables us to fulfill our shopping needs and desires, while smart shopping habits can help us make the most of our money.