Question words en inglés - Ejercicio 6

Descripción: Ejercicio 6 - Preguntas en inglés. Formula una pregunta para las palabras que están subrayadas. Las palabras subrayadas tienen que ser la respuesta a tu pregunta. Las preguntas de si o no (yes / no questions) no requieren pronombre interrogativos. Después de completar el ejercicio, comprueba tus respuestas. 


Completa las siguientes frases con el pronombre interrogativo adecuado:


  1. sport do you play on weekends? - I usually play soccer.
  2. do you go to your yoga classes? - I go to a studio downtown.
  3. books do you like reading? - I enjoy reading science fiction and fantasy.
  4. do you visit the library? - At least once a month.
  5. is your favorite musician? - My favorite musician is John Mayer.
  6. did you start playing the guitar? - I started when I was ten years old.
  7. do you enjoy cooking the most? - I love making Italian dishes.
  8. does it take you to paint a landscape? - It takes about five hours.
  9. type of movies do you prefer? - I prefer action and thrillers.
  10. would you like to learn as a new hobby? - I would like to learn pottery.

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