Descripción: Ejercicio 5 de question words en inglés. Completa las siguientes oraciones con las question words adecuadas. Después, comprueba tus respuestas. Puedes acceder a la sección de question words para acceder a las explicaciones. 


Completa las siguientes frases con el pronombre interrogativo adecuado:

  1. do you report to at work? - I report to the regional manager.
  2. were you at your last job? - I was there for five years.
  3. skills are necessary for this position? - Strong communication and analytical skills are needed.
  4. did you handle a difficult situation at work? - I calmly discussed the issues with all parties involved.
  5. benefits does the company offer? - The company offers health insurance, retirement plans, and annual bonuses.
  6. type of projects will I be working on? - You will be working on urban development projects.
  7. often are performance reviews conducted? - Performance reviews are conducted annually.
  8. is the deadline for this project? - The deadline is in three months.
  9. can I improve my chances for promotion? - By taking on more responsibility and improving your results.
  10. would you describe the culture of this company? - The culture is collaborative and focused on innovation.

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