Descripción: Ejercicio 4 de question words en inglés. Completa las siguientes oraciones con las question words adecuadas. Después, comprueba tus respuestas. Puedes acceder a la sección de question words para acceder a las explicaciones. 


Completa las siguientes frases con el pronombre interrogativo adecuado:

  1. countries have you visited? - I've visited Spain, Italy, and France.
  2. is the best time to visit Japan? - Spring is the best time because of the cherry blossoms.
  3. did you stay during your trip to New York? - We stayed near Central Park.
  4. kind of food did you try in Mexico? - We tried tacos and enchiladas.
  5. much did the tickets to the museum cost? - They cost about $20 each.
  6. are you planning your next holiday? - We are thinking about going to Thailand.
  7. did you like most about Paris? - I loved the museums and the historical architecture.
  8. did you travel to Greece? - We traveled by plane.
  9. language was most challenging to learn? - Japanese was quite challenging for me.
  10. long does it take to fly from New York to London? - It takes about seven hours.

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