Descripción: Colores en inglés. Accede al vocabulario relacionado con los colores en inglés. Tienes la pronunciación disponible. Te presentamos 25 colores en inglés.

1. White: blanco

2. Yellow: amarillo

3. Green: verde

4. Lime green: verde lima

5. Dark green: verde oscuro

6. Beige: beige

7. Orange: naranja

8. Red: rojo

9. Pink: rosa

10. Lilac: lila

11. Ligh brown: marrón claro

12. Brown: marrón

13. Grey: gris

14. Anthracite: antracita

15. Pink: rosa

16. Purple: morado

17. Lavender: lavanda

18. Light blue: azul claro

19. Silver: plata

20. Gold: oro

21. Copper: cobre

22. Black: negro

23. Dark blue: azul oscuro

24. Turquoise: turquesa

25. Mint colour: verde menta




Read the following text and answer the questions bellow:


Natalia: Hi Claudia, what's your favorite color?

Claudia: My favorite color is pink. How about you, Natalia?

Natalia: My favorite color is blue. Do you have anything in pink?

Claudia: Yes, I have a pink dress, a pink backpack, and a pink hat.

Natalia: That's great! I have a blue t-shirt, blue shoes, and a blue pen.

Claudia: That's cool. I love how we both have our favorite color items.

Natalia: Me too. It makes it easy to know what we like.

Claudia: Yeah, and it also makes it easier to pick out what to wear in the morning.

Natalia: Definitely! Pink and blue are such happy colors.

Claudia: I agree. Let's go playing with our pink and blue toys now.

Natalia: Sure! Let's go.



  1. What are the names of the two girls in the dialogue?
  2. What is Claudia's favorite color?
  3. What does Natalia have in blue?
  4. What does Claudia have in pink?
  5. How does Claudia feel about having pink items?
  6. How does Natalia feel about having blue items?
  7. What are the two girls going to do next?


Answer Key:


  1. Natalia and Claudia.
  2. Pink.
  3. A blue t-shirt, blue shoes, and a blue pen.
  4. A pink dress, a pink backpack, and a pink hat.
  5. Claudia loves having pink items.
  6. Natalia also loves having blue items.
  7. The two girls are going to play with their pink and blue toys.


Match the colors on the left with the objects on the right.


  1. Red
  2. Orange
  3. Yellow
  4. Green
  5. Blue
  6. Purple
  7. Pink
  8. Brown


  • A. Apple
  • B. Banana
  • C. Carrot
  • D. Dog
  • E. Elephant
  • F. Frog
  • G. Grapes
  • H. House


Answer Key:

  1. H
  2. C
  3. B
  4. F
  5. E
  6. G
  7. A
  8. D