Tiempos verbales mezclados - Ejercicio 6

Descripción: Tiempos verbales - Ejercicio 6. Completa las siguientes oraciones utilizando la forma verbal correcta de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis o eligiendo la respuesta correcta. Después, comprueba tus respuestas.


Completa las frases con la forma verbal correcta de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis:

1. My cat (sleep) on the sofa right now.

2. They (visit) their grandparents every Sunday.

3. Last summer, we (go) camping in the mountains.

4. While I (cook) dinner, my roommate was watching TV.

5. By next year, she (graduate) from university.

6. The birds (sing) in the garden every morning.

7. We (have) a barbecue party next weekend.

8. The sun (shine) brightly yesterday afternoon.

9. How often (you / go) to the gym?

10. How long (she / wait) for her friend?

11. By the time we arrived, the baby (cry) for hours.

12. What (you / do) when the power went out?

13. She (read) a book since morning.

14. I (not / see) him for ages.

15. They (dance) at their friend's wedding last month.

16. My grandparents (live) in this house for over fifty years.

17. Who (win) the award last year?

18. The train (already / leave) when we arrived at the station.

19. (you / hear) about the new restaurant downtown?

20. While she (study) for her exam, her phone rang.

21. He (wait) for the bus for almost an hour.