Presente simple - Ejercicio resuelto 1

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1. She thinks (think) Manuel is crazy.

2. They don't know (not know) what to say.

3. Does she feel (feel/she) ok?

4. He isn't (not be) a relative of mine.

5. I don't know (not know) who she is (be).

6. She washes (wash) her car every week.

7. Paul sleeps (sleep) seven hours a day.

8. Mary and John are (be) my cousins.

9. She always wins (win).

10. James cries (cry) very easily.

11. She prays (pray) in church every Sunday.

12. Sarah doesn't like (not like) pop music.

13. Does John play (play) football every day?

14. Is (be) she a friend of yours?

15. Are (be) they in love?

16. Does Mary believe (believe/ Mary) in God?

17. Who is (be) your favourite football player? 

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