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What are the three most important things to be happy?


Our levels of happiness depend very much on our situation at home. Our experiences in childhood will determine and condition our notion of happiness and the way we percieve how important life is for us. In this composition, I will analyse three important things to be happy.


Firstly, family is the main one. My loved ones are the people who make me feel strong and positive in my daily life. Furthermore, they help me to go further because they are the light that iluminates my world. From my point of view, keeping a good relationship with our relatives help us a lot in our search of happiness.


Secondly, having a job is another main aspect for happiness. I think money is not important to be happy, but a job is crucial. In fact, we are constantly paying more and more taxes for everything. Sometimes, I think it is like if we had lost those basic rights we were supposed to have just for being humans. To be honest, I think it is hard to survive with a job in this expensive world. For this reason, unemployment is so important. It affects our happiness and our behaviour. 


Thirdly, health is really important as well. As a matter of fact, my first two reasons to be happy are meaningless ideas without a good health. As far as I see it, investment in health care must be the central focus for governments. Apart from being a question of happiness, politicians should make health care a priority.


To sum up, the three main pillars of happiness are our family, our job and our health. From my point of view, our success in life as a society depend on them.


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