Redacción modelo - 2º bachillerato - Ejemplo 5

Descripción: Redacción modelo - Bachillerato - inglés - Ejemplo 5. Titulo de la redacción: Politicians (Políticos). En esta redacción hemos incluido diferentes idioms para que puedas utilizarlas en contexto en tus propias redacciones en inglés.


Politicians are people who always have an ace in the hole (1). When you think there is no possible answer they will never give up the ghost (2). In this moment, when they have nothing to say,  they will follow their nose(3) to put a new concern on the map (4).


It goes withing saying (5) that politicians will try to show everything would be possible if they get in. However, once they are elected, citizens come down to earth (6) because they realize they are not as important as they were said to be. Apart from that, there will be successful politicians if they put their back into it (7). In fact, some of them understand they have been voted at the polls to work hard for their people. 


To sum up, politics has a strong role in our society nowadays. Sometimes, politicians are thought to be deaf as a post (8), but many all them will make their best (9) to help their citizens. 

Idioms utilizadas en esta redacción

1. have an ace in the hole (tener un as en la manga)

2. give up the ghost (arrojar la toalla)

3. follow their nose (seguir su instinto)

4. put on the map (situar en el mapa / sacar un tema a exposición pública)

5. It goes without saying (Ni que decir tiene)

6. come down to earth (volver a la realidad)

7. put their back into it (poner su esfuerzo en ello)

8. deaf as a post (sordos como una tapia)

9. make their best (dar / hacer lo mejor de uno mismo/a)