Redacción modelo en inglés

Redacción modelo en inglés.

Perhaps people think teaching English is "easy-peasy", but this complex  task is a challenge in countries where English is not a mother tongue, but nontheless I don't want to make excuses and find real ways to be successful.


First step is to blame our politicians and claim new ambitious laws to modify our current  system of acquiring English. This is not only affecting at school, but also from the media, for example with a wider range of radio and television channels or films in original version. But can we really trust on our crooked politicians?


Second step would be changing the way we teach at schools. A real use of language must take place instead of memorising endless lists of words. Sometimes the image we project can be changed with simple modifications.


Third step consists of immersing onself in English society as soon as possible. In this way, English is attainable if we take advantage of our brains plasticity while we are children. 


In summary, English teaching in Spain will be much better if we change our methodology to learn new languages.