Will y Going to - Ejercicio 2 - Soluciones

Descripción: Ejercicio 2 - "Will y Going to" - Fomato texto - Soluciones. Rellena los huecos utilizando will o going to de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis. Después, comprueba las respuestas. Recuerda que puedes acceder a este ejercicio en online, en formato texto o en pdf. 

Complete the sentences using will or going to:



1. John will study / 'll study (study) English in the future.


2. Look at Paul! He is going to get / 's going to get (get) on the bus.


3. What a dark cloud! It is going to rain / 's going to rain (rain).


4. I think I will call / 'll call (call) her tomorrow.


5.am going to travel / 'm going to travel (travel) to London next Monday.


6. The baby is going to fall / 's going to fall down (fall) down. He doesn't walk very well.


7. It's very hot here! I will open / 'll open (open) the door!


8. They are going to buy / 're going to buy (buy) a new car next month. 


9. Tom will get / 'll get (get)home about ten o'clock.


10. Are you going to stay / are you going to stay (stay/you) at Paul's house very long? - Not really, just a few days.