1. Dyed: /daɪd/ - teñido
  2. Bald: /bɔːld/ - calvo
  3. Thinning hair: /ˈθɪnɪŋ heər/ - alopecia
  4. Receding hairline: /rɪˈsiːdɪŋ heəlaɪn/ - entradas
  5. Straight: /streɪt/ - liso
  6. Wavy: /ˈweɪvi/ - ondulado
  7. Curly: /ˈkɜːrli/ - rizado
  8. Crop: /krɒp/ - corto
  9. Layered: /ˈleɪəd/ - escalado
  10. Perm: /pɜːm/ - permanente
  11. Fringe: /frɪndʒ/ - flequillo
  12. Ponytail: /ˈpəʊniteɪl/ - Cola de caballo
  13. Bun: /bʌn/ - moño
  14. Plaited: /pleɪtɪd/ - trenzado
  15. Highlights: /ˈhaɪlaɪts/ - reflejos
  16. Wig: /wɪɡ/ - Peluca
  17. Blonde: /blɒnd/ - rubio
  18. Brunette: /bruːˈnet/ - castaño
  19. Black-haired: /blæk heəd/ - moreno
  20. Gray-haired: /ɡreɪ heəd/ - (de) cabello blanco
  21. Tinged with grey: /tɪndʒd wɪð ɡreɪ/ - canoso
  22. Ginger: /ˈdʒɪndʒər/ - pelirrojo
  23. Hairdresser: /ˈheədresər/ - peluquero
  24. Haircut: /ˈheərkʌt/ - corte de pelo
  25. Scalp: /skælp/ - cuero cabelludo
  26. Roots: /ruːts/ - raices
  27. Dandruff: /ˈdændrʌf/ - caspa
  28. Split ends: /splɪt endz/ - puntas abiertas
  29. Greasy hair: /ˈɡriːsi heər/ - cabello graso
  30. Hair loss: /heər lɒs/ - pérdida de cabello


"The Bald Man's Hair Dilemma: A Lesson in Confidence"


Once upon a time, there was a bald man who desperately wanted to change his look. He went to the hairdresser and asked for a dyed, layered perm. The hairdresser gave him a confused look and said, "Sir, I think you might be asking for too much." The bald man pleaded, "Please, I want to look like I have hair again!"

The hairdresser thought for a moment and decided to give the bald man a wig. The man was thrilled and decided to go for a blonde wig with highlights. He felt like a whole new person with his luscious, straight hair.

However, one day while out on a walk, a gust of wind blew his wig off, revealing his true, gray-haired scalp. People around him gasped in shock, and he felt embarrassed. He realized that it's not the hair on the outside that matters, but the confidence on the inside.

From then on, the bald man embraced his hair loss and went for a crop cut, with his thinning hair tinged with grey. He even grew a ginger-colored beard, which made him look more distinguished. And as for the hairdresser, she never forgot the lesson that sometimes, less is more.


  1. The bald man wanted a dyed, layered perm. 
  2. The hairdresser gave the bald man the exact hairstyle he wanted. 
  3. The bald man decided to go for a blonde wig with highlights. 
  4. The bald man never went outside with his wig on. 
  5. People around the bald man were shocked when they saw his true, gray-haired scalp. 
  6. The bald man embraced his hair loss and went for a crop cut. 
  7. The bald man decided to grow a blue-colored beard. 
  8. The hairdresser learned that sometimes, less is more. 




  1. - True
  2. - False
  3. - True
  4. - False
  5. - True
  6. - True
  7. - False
  8. - True