(Mi habitación)

Descripción: Vocabulario Mi habitación. Te presentamos el vocabulario relacionado con la habitación en inglés. Tienes disponible la pronunciación. Esta sección está actualizada en nuestra sección KIDS

  1. Bedding (ˈbɛdɪŋ) - Ropa de cama
  2. Bookshelf (ˈbʊkʃɛlf) - Estantería para libros
  3. Crib (krib) - Cuna
  4. Doll (dɑːl) - Muñeca
  5. Dress-up clothes (drɛs ʌp kloʊðz) - Ropa para disfrazarse
  6. Game (geɪm) - Juego
  7. Mobile (ˈmoʊbiːl) - Móvil
  8. Nightlight (ˈnaɪtlaɪt) - Luz nocturna
  9. Painting (ˈpeɪntɪŋ) - Pintura
  10. Pillowcase (ˈpɪloʊkeɪs) - Funda de almohada
  11. Playmat (ˈpleɪmæt) - Colchoneta para jugar
  12. Rocking chair (ˈrɑːkɪŋ tʃɛr) - Mecedora
  13. Stuffed animal (stʌft ˈænɪməl) - Animal de peluche
  14. Table and chairs (ˈteɪbl ənd tʃɛrz) - Mesa y sillas
  15. Toy box (tɔɪ bɑːks) - Caja de juguetes
  16. Wall stickers (wɔːl ˈstɪkərz) - Pegatinas de pared
  17. Wardrobe (ˈwɔːdroʊb) - Armario
  18. Wooden blocks (ˈwʊdn blɑːks) - Bloques de madera
  19. Blanket (ˈblæŋkɪt) - Manta
  20. Rug (rʌg) - Alfombra.


My Room, My World


Read the following text and answer the questions bellow:


Hi, my name is Sarah and I'm a 8 years old girl. I love my room, it's my own special place where I can play, read, and dream. My room is pink and purple, my two favorite colors. It's a place where I feel safe and comfortable.

I have a big bookshelf filled with all my favorite books. I love to spend my afternoons reading about princesses, animals and adventures. I also have a cute little rocking chair that my parents got for me. It's perfect for reading or just relaxing. I also have a beautiful playmat with cute patterns that I love to play with my dolls and stuffed animals on.

I have a toy box where I keep all my toys and games. I have so many toys, from dolls to cars, from action figures to crafts. I never get bored playing with them. I also have a table and chairs set where I can draw, color and do my homework. I also love my wall stickers, they make my room look even more special.

My bed is my favorite place in my room, it's where I get to sleep and dream. I have soft bedding and pillows that make me feel cozy and comfortable. I also have a nightlight that I turn on when I'm afraid of the dark.

In my room, I feel happy, free, and most importantly, myself. It's a place where I can be whoever I want to be, and that's why I love my room so much. It's my own little world and I wouldn't want it any other way.


  1. What is the name of the girl who is talking about her room?
  2. What are the two colors that the girl's room is painted?
  3. What is the girl's favorite place in her room?
  4. What is the girl's favorite activity to do in her room?
  5. What is the girl's rocking chair used for?
  6. What is the girl's playmat used for?
  7. What does the girl keep in her toy box?
  8. What does the girl do at the table and chairs set in her room?
  9. What makes the girl's room look special according to her?
  10. How does the girl feel in her room?





Pink and Purple

Her bed


Reading or relaxing

Playing with dolls and stuffed animals

All her toys and games

Draw, color and do her homework

Wall stickers

Happy, free, and most importantly, herself.

ejercicio 2

Fill in the Blanks Exercise: A Little Girl's Room


Write the correct answer:


  1. Sarah has a __________ where she keeps all her toys and games.
  2. She loves to spend her afternoons __________ about princesses, animals and adventures.
  3. She has a __________ little rocking chair that her parents got for her.
  4. Her bed is her favorite place in her room, it's where she gets to __________ and dream.
  5. She also has a __________ with cute patterns that she loves to play with her dolls and stuffed animals on.
  6. She has a __________ and chairs set where she can draw, color and do her homework.
  7. Her room is __________ and purple, her two favorite colors.
  8. She has a __________ bookshelf filled with all her favorite books.
  9. She also loves her __________ stickers, they make her room look even more special.
  10. She turns on a __________ when she's afraid of the dark.





  1. Toy box
  2. Reading
  3. Cute
  4. Sleep
  5. Playmat
  6. Table
  7. Pink
  8. Big
  9. Wall
  10. Nightlight