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  1. Bathtub ('bæθtʌb) - Bañera
  2. Blanket (blæŋkɪt) - Manta
  3. Bath mat (bæθ mæt) - Alfombra de baño
  4. Cabinet (ˈkæbənɪt) - Armario
  5. Countertop (ˈkaʊntərtɑːp) - Encimera
  6. Curtain (ˈkɜːtn) - Cortina
  7. Faucet (ˈfɔːsɪt) - Grifo
  8. Hand towel (hænd taʊəl) - Toalla de mano
  9. Mirror (ˈmɪrər) - Espejo
  10. Shampoo (ʃæmˈpu) - Champú
  11. Shower (ˈʃaʊər) - Ducha
  12. Shower gel (ˈʃaʊər dʒɛl) - Gel de ducha
  13. Showerhead (ˈʃaʊərhed) - Cabezal de ducha
  14. Sink (sɪŋk) - Lavabo
  15. Soap (səʊp) - Jabón
  16. Soap dish (səʊp dɪʃ) - Porta jabón
  17. Sponge (spʌndʒ) - Esponja
  18. Squeegee (skwiːˈdʒiː) - Escobilla
  19. Stool (stuːl) - Taburete
  20. Towel (taʊəl) - Toalla
  21. Toothbrush (ˈtuːθbrʌʃ) - Cepillo de dientes
  22. Toothpaste (ˈtuːθpeɪst) - Pasta de dientes
  23. Trash can (træʃ kæn) - Basura
  24. Tub (tʌb) - Bañera
  25. Tumbler (ˈtʌmblər) - Vaso
  26. Washcloth (ˈwɒʃklɒθ) - Paño de lavar
  27. Wastebasket (ˈweɪstbæskɪt) - Cesto de basura
  28. Wastepaper basket (ˈweɪstpeɪpər bæskɪt) - Cesto de papel
  29. Water (ˈwɔːtər) - Agua
  30. Window (ˈwɪndəʊ) - Ventana


I love to relax in a hot bathtub after a long day.

(Me encanta relajarme en una bañera caliente después de un largo día).

During the winter, I wrap myself in a cozy blanket while watching TV.

(Durante el invierno, me envuelvo en una manta cómoda mientras veo televisión).

I place a bath mat on the floor to avoid slipping while getting out of the tub.

(Coloco una alfombra de baño en el piso para evitar resbalar al salir de la bañera).

I store my bathroom supplies in a cabinet under the sink.

(Guardo mis suministros de baño en un armario debajo del lavabo).

The countertop in my bathroom is made of marble and looks beautiful.

(La encimera en mi baño está hecha de mármol y se ve hermosa).

I hang a shower curtain to keep the water from splashing outside the tub.

(Coloco una cortina de ducha para evitar que el agua salpique fuera de la bañera).

I turn on the faucet to fill the bathtub with warm water.

(Enciendo el grifo para llenar la bañera con agua caliente).

I dry my hands with a soft hand towel after washing them.

(Me seco las manos con una toalla de mano suave después de lavarlas).

I check my appearance in the mirror before leaving the bathroom.

(Reviso mi apariencia en el espejo antes de salir del baño).

I use shampoo to wash my hair in the shower.

(Uso champú para lavar mi cabello en la ducha).

I enjoy taking long showers to refresh myself.

(Disfruto tomando largas duchas para refrescarme).

I use shower gel for a refreshing and invigorating experience.

(Uso gel de ducha para una experiencia refrescante e invigorante).

I adjust the showerhead to my desired height and water pressure.

(Ajusto el cabezal de ducha a la altura y presión de agua deseadas).

I wash my face and brush my teeth at the sink.

(Lavo mi cara y cepillo mis dientes en el lavabo).

I lather my hands with soap before washing them.

(Espumo mis manos con jabón antes de lavarlas).

I keep my soap in a soap dish on the countertop.

(Guardo mi jabón en un porta jabón en la encimera).

I use a sponge to wash my body in the shower.

(Uso una esponja para lavar mi cuerpo en la ducha).

I use a squeegee to wipe away water droplets from the shower doors.

(Uso una escobilla para limpie las gotas de agua de las puertas de la ducha).

I sit on a stool to shave my legs in the bathtub.

(Me siento en un taburete para afeitar mis piernas en la bañera).

I wrap myself in a soft towel after showering.

(Me envuelvo en una toalla suave después de ducharme).

Toothbrush (ˈtuːθbrʌʃ) - Cepillo de dientes:

"I always brush my teeth with my toothbrush before bed."

Toothpaste (ˈtuːθpeɪst) - Pasta de dientes:

"I put a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on my toothbrush every morning."

Trash can (træʃ kæn) - Basura:

"Please throw your garbage in the trash can before you leave the bathroom."

Tub (tʌb) - Bañera:

"I love taking a relaxing bath in the tub after a long day."

Tumbler (ˈtʌmblər) - Vaso:

"I drink my water from a tumbler in the bathroom."

Washcloth (ˈwɒʃklɒθ) - Paño de lavar:

"I use a washcloth to wash my face every morning."

Waste basket (ˈweɪstbæskɪt) - Cesto de basura:

"Please make sure to throw your used tissues in the waste basket."

Wastepaper basket (ˈweɪstpeɪpər bæskɪt) - Cesto de papel:

"The waste paper basket is where I throw my used napkins."

Water (ˈwɔːtər) - Agua:

"I always have a glass of water by my side while I am in the bathroom."

Window (ˈwɪndəʊ) - Ventana:

"I open the window in the bathroom for some fresh air after taking a shower."


"The Importance of a Comfortable Bathroom"


Read the following text and say whether the statements bellow are true or false:


A bathroom is not just a place for personal hygiene but it's also a place where one can relax and unwind. It's a room in the house that people use every day, sometimes multiple times a day, which makes it crucial to have a comfortable and functional bathroom. A bathroom should be designed to provide a soothing and peaceful atmosphere, allowing individuals to escape the stress of daily life and recharge.

There are several elements to consider when creating a comfortable bathroom. Lighting, for instance, is an essential aspect to get right. Natural light is preferred, but if this is not possible, then a combination of artificial lighting can provide a warm and inviting ambiance. The use of soft colors on the walls and flooring can create a calming effect and make the space feel larger.

Another important aspect is the layout of the bathroom. A functional and ergonomic design will ensure that all the necessary items, such as the toilet, shower, and sink, are within easy reach. The choice of fixtures and fittings also plays a significant role in creating a comfortable bathroom. High-quality taps, shower heads, and toilets not only look good but also improve the overall experience.

In conclusion, a comfortable bathroom is a place where one can relax and recharge after a long day. A well-designed and functional bathroom can provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Investing in a comfortable bathroom is an investment in your own well-being.


True or false? 


  1. A bathroom is only used for personal hygiene. 
  2. Lighting is not an important aspect in creating a comfortable bathroom.
  3. Natural light is not preferred in a bathroom. 
  4. Soft colors in the bathroom can make the space feel smaller. 
  5. A functional and ergonomic bathroom design is not necessary. 
  6. The choice of fixtures and fittings does not play a significant role in creating a comfortable bathroom.
  7. Investing in a comfortable bathroom is not an investment in your own well-being. 


All the staments are above are false.

ejercicio 2

Bathroom Vocabulary Fill-in-the-Blank Exercise:


  1. The __________ is a room in the house where people clean themselves.
  2. A __________ is used to wash your hands.
  3. A __________ is used to take a bath or a shower.
  4. You can dry yourself with a __________ after taking a shower.
  5. A __________ is a device that helps you flush the toilet.
  6. A __________ is used to store and keep your bathroom items.
  7. You can use a __________ to brush your teeth.
  8. A __________ is used to hold soap and shampoo.
  9. A __________ is used to hang towels.
  10. A __________ is used to provide light in the bathroom.




  1. Bathroom
  2. Sink
  3. Shower
  4. Towel
  5. Toilet
  6. Cabinet
  7. Toothbrush
  8. Shower caddy
  9. Towel rack
  10. Light fixture.


Bathroom Vocabulary Fill-in-the-Blank Exercise 2:


  1. You can take a relaxing __________ in a bathtub.
  2. You can clean yourself with a __________ before getting into the bathtub.
  3. The __________ is used to wash your face.
  4. A __________ is used to apply soap.
  5. A __________ helps you to keep the bathroom floor dry.
  6. The __________ is used to keep the bathroom clean.
  7. A __________ helps to keep the bathroom smelling fresh.
  8. A __________ helps to keep your toothbrush clean.
  9. You can hang your wet towels on a __________.
  10. The __________ is used to control the water temperature.




  1. Bath
  2. Shower
  3. Sink
  4. Washcloth
  5. Bath mat
  6. Cleaner
  7. Air freshener
  8. Toothbrush holder
  9. Towel bar
  10. Faucet.