Face vocabulary

Descripción: Vocabulario cara en inglés. En la siguiente entrada analizamos el vocabulario relacionado con la cara en inglés y te enseñamos a pronunciarlo. 

  1. Cheek (chik) - Mejilla
  2. Chin (chin) - Barbilla
  3. Ear (ir) - Oreja
  4. Eye (ai) - Ojo
  5. Forehead (fɔːrəd) - Frente
  6. Hair (her) - Pelo
  7. Jaw (dʒɔː) - Mandíbula
  8. Lips (lips) - Labios
  9. Mouth (maʊθ) - Boca
  10. Nose (noʊz) - Nariz
  11. Teeth (tiθ) - Dientes
  12. Tongue (tʌŋ) - Lengua
  13. Eyebrow (ai brəʊ) - Ceja
  14. Eye lash (ai læʃ) - Pestaña
  15. Ear lobe (ir ləʊb) - Lóbulo de la oreja
  16. Nostril (nɒs trəl) - Naricilla
  17. Mouth corner (maʊθ kɔːr nər) - Esquina de la boca
  18. Cheekbone (chik bəʊn) - Pómulo
  19. Lip line (lip lain) - Línea de los labios
  20. Chin dimple (chin dimpəl) - Hueso de la barbilla

ejercicio 1

Comprehensive reading


Read the following text and answer the questions bellow:


Every day when I look in the mirror, I focus on different parts of my face. My eyes are big and bright, my cheekbones are high and defined, and my chin has a cute dimple. I run my fingers through my hair to make sure it's styled just right, and then I smile to show off my teeth and lips. My mouth opens wide to reveal my tongue and I giggle at my silly expressions. I love to play with different hairstyles and make-up to enhance my features. My eyebrows are thick and well-groomed, and I love to curl my eyelashes to make them pop. I have big nostrils and cute earlobes that I enjoy showing off. My face is unique and I embrace every aspect of it, from my jawline to my mouth corners.



1. What are the facial features mentioned in the text?

a) eyes, cheeks, and nose

b) eyes, cheekbones, and chin

c) hair, mouth, and tongue

2. What does the author enjoy doing with their hair?

a) cutting it

b) dying it

c) styling it

3. What does the author enjoy doing with their eyelashes?

a) cutting them

b) dying them

c) curling them

4. What does the author embrace about their face?

a) only the good parts

b) only the bad parts

c) every aspect of it




Answer: b) eyes, cheekbones, and chin

Answer: c) styling it

Answer: c) curling them

Answer: c) every aspect of it


True or False?


1. The author mentions that they enjoy cutting their hair.

a) True

b) False

2. The author mentions that they enjoy dying their eyelashes.

a) True

b) False

3. The author mentions that they embrace every aspect of their face.

a) True

b) False

4. The author mentions cheekbones as one of the facial features.

a) True

b) False



  1. Answer: b) False
  2. Answer: b) False
  3. Answer: a) True
  4. Answer: a) True