Examen 3 - Entrenamiento Selectividad Inglés

Descripción: Examen 3 - Entrenamiento Selectividad Inglés. Completa las oraciones de manera correcta.


Examen 3 - Repaso Selectividad

  1. Exercise 1. Turn into passive: "The police are investigating the case".
    The case (by the police)
  2. Exercise 2. Turn into reported speech: "We will win the match", they promised.
    They promised that they .
  3. Exercise 3. Complete using the correct type of conditional sentence:
    If it rains tomorrow, we (cancel) the trip.
  4. Exercise 4. Complete using the correct relative pronoun:
    The person called you was my brother.
  5. Exercise 5. Complete using the correct modal verb:
    You speak louder in the library.
  6. Exercise 6. Complete using the correct verbal tense:
    When I arrived, they (eat) dinner.