Question words - Ejercicio 8 - Interactivo

Descripción: Question words - Ejercicio 8. Elige el pronombre interrogativo adecuado en cada una de las siguientes preguntas. Después, comprueba tus respuestas.  


Completa las siguientes frases con el pronombre interrogativo adecuado:


  1. do you usually do the laundry? - I do it on Saturdays.
  2. does it take to clean the house? - It usually takes about two hours.
  3. is your favorite room in the house? - My favorite room is the kitchen.
  4. do you buy your groceries? - I buy them at the local market.
  5. kind of meals do you prepare at home? - I usually prepare quick and healthy meals.
  6. did you last redecorate your living room? - We redecorated it last year.
  7. often do you water the plants? - I water them every other day.
  8. do your children help with the chores? - Yes, they help quite a bit.
  9. is the best time to mow the lawn? - Early morning or late evening is best.
  10. do you relax after a long day? - I usually read a book or watch a movie.