Presente simple vs continuo - Ejercicios para imprimir

Descripción: Ejercicios de presente simple vs presente continuo en inglés para imprimir. Si eres docente o estás trabajando para mejorar tu nivel de inglés te recomendamos los siguientes ejercicios de presente simple para imprimir. 


Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma correcta del presente simple o continuo de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis: 


  1. I always (eat) __________ breakfast at 7am.
  2. She (not talk) __________ on the phone now.
  3. The birds (sing) __________ sweetly in the trees.
  4. He (not play) __________ soccer this afternoon.
  5. I (study) __________ hard every day.
  6. They (not dance) __________ at the party tonight.
  7. The sun (rise) __________ early in the morning.
  8. She (not walk) __________ to work this week.
  9. The children (swim) __________ in the pool every afternoon.
  10. He (not watch) __________ TV regularly.
  11. I (read) __________ a book every night before bed.
  12. They (not swim) __________ in the ocean this summer.
  13. The wind (blow) __________ softly in the evening.
  14. She (not run) __________ in the park this morning.
  15. I (write) __________ a letter to my friend every month.
  16. He (not drink) __________ coffee in the morning.
  17. The flowers (bloom) __________ beautifully every spring.
  18. They (not travel) __________ abroad often.
  19. The moon (shine) __________ brightly in the sky.
  20. I (not listen) __________ to music in the car on the way to work.




  1. eat
  2. is not talking
  3. sing
  4. is not playing
  5. study
  6. are not dancing
  7. rises
  8. is not walking
  9. swim
  10. does not watch
  11. read
  12. are not swimming
  13. blows
  14. is not running
  15. write
  16. does not drink
  17. bloom
  18. do not travel
  19. shines
  20. do not listen


Completa con presente simple o presente continuo de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis:


  1. I _______ (work) as a teacher. 
  2. She _______ (cook) dinner every day.
  3. The children ______ (play) in the park now.
  4. The sun _______ (rise) at 6 am. (present simple)
  5. They _______ (study) for their exams this week. 
  6. He ______ (walk) to the store every morning. 
  7. She ______ (sing) a beautiful song right now. 
  8. I _______ (like) to read books in my free time. 
  9. The bird _______ (fly) high in the sky. 
  10. They ________ (travel) to Europe next month. 


  1. I work (present simple)
  2. She cooks (present simple)
  3. The children are playing (present continuous)
  4. The sun rises (present simple)
  5. They are studying (present continuous)
  6. He walks (present simple)
  7. She is singing (present continuous)
  8. I like (present simple)
  9. The bird flies (present simple)
  10. They travel (present simple)


Completa con presente simple o continuo los verbos que hay entre paréntesis en las siguientes oraciones:

  1. The sun ________ (rise) in the east every day. 
  2. I ________ (not understand) what you are saying right now. 
  3. The birds ________ (sing) their beautiful songs in the morning.
  4. She ________ (cook) dinner for us tonight. 
  5. The children ________ (play) outside in the park right now. 
  6. He ________ (not like) to eat vegetables.
  7. They ________ (read) a book together in the library. 
  8. I ________ (not see) the movie yet. 
  9. The dog ________ (chase) the cat around the house. 
  10. She ________ (not work) on weekends. 
  11. The wind ________ (blow) strongly today. 
  12. I ________ (write) a book about my travels. 




  1. rises
  2. don't understand
  3. sing
  4. is cooking
  5. are playing
  6. doesn't like
  7. are reading
  8. haven't seen
  9. is chasing
  10. doesn't work
  11. is blowing
  12. am writing


Completa las oraciones con presente simple o presente continuo en inglés:


  1. I __________ (play) soccer every Saturday.
  2. They __________ (work) on a project right now.
  3. She __________ (listen) to music every day.
  4. The dog __________ (bark) at strangers.
  5. He __________ (write) a book at the moment.
  6. The children __________ (watch) a movie tonight.
  7. We __________ (eat) breakfast every morning.
  8. She __________ (read) a book in bed right now.
  9. They __________ (travel) to Europe next month.
  10. I __________ (study) for my exams next week.


  1. play
  2. are working
  3. listens
  4. barks
  5. is writing
  6. are watching
  7. eat
  8. is reading
  9. are traveling
  10. am studying


Descripción: Lee el siguiente texto sobre Londres, escrito con presente simple y presente continuo y responde a las preguntas que hay debajo. 



London is a bustling city located in the southeast of England. It is the capital of the United Kingdom and one of the most famous cities in the world. People from all over the world visit London to see its famous landmarks, such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the London Eye.

The streets of London are always filled with cars and buses, and the sidewalks are crowded with people hurrying to their destinations. At any given time, you can hear the sounds of sirens, car horns, and people talking.

Tourists are always taking photos in front of Big Ben, which is currently being renamed to the Elizabeth Tower. The River Thames flows through the city and provides a beautiful backdrop for many of London's most famous landmarks. Boats are constantly sailing along the river, and the Tower Bridge is always lifting to allow ships to pass through.

In London, you can find a diverse range of foods from all over the world, including Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisine. The city is also known for its pubs, where locals are often seen chatting and enjoying a pint of beer.

In the evenings, the West End comes to life with its famous theaters and musicals. The shows are always entertaining, and the theaters are filled with people enjoying the performances.

London is a city that never stops. Whether it's day or night, there is always something to see and do. It is a truly unique place that is always changing and evolving, and people are always discovering new things about it.


Comprehension Exercise:


  1. What is the capital city of the United Kingdom?
  2. What are some of the famous landmarks in London?
  3. What can you hear in the streets of London?
  4. What is the current name of Big Ben?
  5. What is the name of the river that flows through London?
  6. What is the main function of the Tower Bridge in London?
  7. What kind of cuisine can you find in London?
  8. What is London known for in the evenings?
  9. What type of entertainment can you find in the West End of London?
  10. What can you say about London as a city?


  1. London
  2. Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the London Eye
  3. The sounds of sirens, car horns, and people talking
  4. Elizabeth Tower
  5. River Thames
  6. To allow ships to pass through
  7. Indian, Chinese, and Italian cuisine
  8. Its famous theaters and musicals
  9. Performances of musicals and plays
  10. It is a bustling city that never stops, with something to see and do at all times, and is constantly changing and evolving.