Sustantivos, adejtivos y verbos seguidos de preposición.

Descripción: Sustantivos, adjetivos y verbos + preposición en inglés. En la siguiente entrada te presentamos los principales sustantivos, adjetivos y verbos que van seguidos de alguna preposición. 

 ability in alternative to attack on
attitude to / toward belief in cause of
cost of damage to difficulty over/with
example of experience of expert on
hope of invitation to knowledge of
lack of matter with method of
opinion of price of  reason for
student of  substitute for success at / in
tax on trouble with  
afraid of amazed at / by ashamed of
bored with disappointed with / about eager for
excited about  fed up with fond of 
happy about / with keen on nervous of
proud of satisfied with shocked at / by
suprised at / by tired of  worried about
agree with apologize for approve of
apply for ask for believe in
care about  care for concentrate on
consist of deal with decide on
depend on feel like laugh at
listen to pay for rely on
see to suffers from