Pasado simple - Ejercicios para imprimir

Descripción: Ejercicios de pasado simple en inglés para imprimir. Si eres docente o estás trabajando para mejorar tu nivel de inglés te recomendamos los siguientes ejercicios de presente simple para imprimir. 


Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma correcta del pasado simple de los verbos que aparecen entre paréntesis:


  1. She __________ (visit) her grandparents last weekend.
  2. They ___________ (not watch) the movie yesterday.
  3. The children ___________ (play) in the park all day.
  4. He ___________ (eat) too much pizza and ___________ (feel) sick.
  5. I ___________ (go) to the concert with my friends.
  6. She ___________ (not study) for the exam and ___________ (fail).
  7. He ___________ (write) a book about his travels.
  8. They ___________ (not make) any progress on the project.
  9. I ___________ (not like) the taste of the new food.
  10. She ___________ (meet) her best friend at the mall.
  11. He ___________ (not hear) the phone because he was sleeping.
  12. I ___________ (not see) the movie because I was busy.
  13. She ___________ (not understand) the instructions.
  14. He ___________ (finish) his work at 2 PM.
  15. They ___________ (not remember) to bring the map.
  16. I ___________ (not believe) what I just heard.
  17. She ___________ (not want) to go to the party.
  18. He ___________ (not be) able to find his keys.
  19. They ___________ (not arrive) at the airport on time.
  20. I ___________(not think) that was a good idea.




  1. visited
  2. didn't watch
  3. played
  4. ate, felt
  5. went
  6. didn't study, failed
  7. wrote
  8. didn't make
  9. didn't like
  10. met
  11. didn't hear
  12. didn't see
  13. didn't understand
  14. finished
  15. didn't remember
  16. didn't believe
  17. didn't want
  18. wasn't able to find
  19. didn't arrive
  20. didn't think


Completa las siguientes oraciones en inglés con la forma correcta del pasado simple de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis. Después, comprueba tus respuestas. 


  1. She ___________ (like) her new job.
  2. They ___________  (not decide) what to do for the weekend.
  3. He ___________  (walk) to the store this morning.
  4. I ___________ (not have) enough money to buy the ticket.
  5. She ___________ (speak) French very well.
  6. He ___________  (see) the movie because he was alone at home.
  7. They ___________ (not go) to the beach because of the rain.
  8. I ___________  (not hear) what you said very well.
  9. She ___________ (think) it was a good idea to go shopping.
  10. He ___________ (not take) the bus because he had a meeting.
  11. They ___________ (not like) the restaurant because the food was cold.
  12. I ___________ (not find) my phone yesterday.
  13. She ___________ (not enjoy) the party because it was too loud.
  14. He ___________ (not attend) the meeting because he was sick.
  15. They ___________  (not make) a reservation at the hotel.
  16. I ___________ (finish) my work on time.
  17. She ___________ (not receive) the package because it was lost in the mail.
  18. He ___________ (not remember) to do the laundry.
  19. They ___________ (not leave) early because of the traffic.
  20. I ___________ (know) the answer to the question.




  1. liked
  2. didn't decide
  3. walked
  4. didn't have
  5. spoke
  6. saw
  7. didn't go
  8. didn't hear
  9. didn't think
  10. didn't take
  11. didn't like
  12. didn't find
  13. didn't enjoy
  14. didn't attend
  15. didn't make
  16. finished
  17. didn't receive
  18. didn't remember
  19. didn't leave
  20. knew


Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma correcta del pasado simple de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis: 

  1. She ___________ (eat) breakfast before going to work.
  2. They  ___________ (not buy) the tickets for the concert.
  3. He  ___________(study) hard for his exams.
  4. I  ___________(not see) the movie because I was tired.
  5. She  ___________(go) to the gym last week.
  6. He  ___________(not like) the taste of coffee when he was a child.
  7. They  ___________(not finish) their project on time.
  8. I  ___________(not hear) about the news yesterday.
  9. She  ___________(not be) able to attend the meeting because of a prior engagement.
  10. He  ___________(not take) the train because he had a car.
  11. ___________  they (they / find) the lost keys?
  12.  ___________ (you /eat) the last slice of pizza?
  13. She  ___________ (like) to play tennis when he was 10.
  14. He  ___________ (not have) enough time to do the task.
  15.  ___________ (you/go) to the party last night?
  16. I  ___________(not believe) what he said to me before.
  17. She  ___________(not wear) a coat because it was warm outside.
  18. He  ___________(not get) the job because of his lack of experience.
  19.  ___________ (they / arrive) at the airport on time?
  20. I  ___________ (not make) a mistake in the calculation.




  1. ate
  2. didn't buy
  3. studied
  4. didn't see
  5. went
  6. didn't like
  7. didn't finish
  8. didn't hear
  9. wasn't
  10. didn't take
  11. Did they find...?
  12. Did they eat...?
  13. liked
  14. didn't have
  15. Did you go...?
  16. didn't believe
  17. didn't wear
  18. didn't get
  19. Did they arrive?
  20. didn't make

ejercicio 4

Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma correcta del pasado simple de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis. Después, comprueba tu respuesta.


  1. She ____________ (love) reading books in her free time when she was younger.
  2. They ____________(not visit) the museum yesterday.
  3. He ____________(enjoy) playing video games a few years ago.
  4. I ____________(not try) the new restaurant because I heard mixed reviews.
  5. She ____________(not live) in Boston. She lived in New York all her life.
  6. He ____________(understand) the concept of calculus very well yesterday.
  7. They ____________(not watch) the movie because they were busy.
  8. I ____________(not have) the time to go to the park last week.
  9. She ____________(not be) able to go to the concert because of a prior commitment.
  10. He ____________ (work) at the office yesterday.
  11. ____________ (they/come) to the party last night?
  12. ____________ (you/finish) the book yesterday?
  13. She ____________ (not like) to eat spicy food when she was living in Mexico.
  14. He ____________ (have) the money to buy the tickets for the show. We all gave her the money.
  15. ____________ (you/walk) to the store or drive?
  16. I ____________ (not know) how to fix the problem.
  17. She ____________(want) to go on a trip because she was very excited with the idea to visit London.
  18. He ____________(not need) to study for the exam because he was well-prepared.
  19. ____________ (they / hear) about the change of plans?
  20. I ____________(not agree) with the proposal.




  1. loved
  2. didn't visit
  3. enjoyed
  4. didn't try
  5. didn't live
  6. didn't understand
  7. didn't watch
  8. didn't have
  9. wasn't
  10. worked
  11. Did they come...?
  12. Did you finish?
  13. didn't like
  14. had
  15. Did you walk...?
  16. didn't know
  17. wanted
  18. didn't need
  19. Did they hear...?
  20. didn't agree