Pasado simple - Ejercicio A - Soluciones

Descripción: Pasado simple en inglés - Ejercicio A (Soluciones - Formato texto). Completa las siguientes oraciones con la forma correcta del pasado simple de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis. Después, comprueba tus respuestas. Recuerda que este ejercicio esta disponible en los formatos online / texto / pdf.

Complete the following sentences using the past simple in English:



1. My father went (go) to work by car yesterday.

2. This morning I had (have) a shower.

3. My sister didn't clean / did not clean (not clean) her room on Saturday.

4. The birds flew (fly) over our heads.

5. Last week my family bought (buy) a new table for the dinning room.

6. The other day, I lost (lose) my math’s book.

7. I told (tell) my mother a lie.

8. We heard (hear) a terrible sound outside last night.

9. Did you see (you / see) the football match on Tuesday night?

10. Paul drank (drink) a litre of coke for lunch yesterday.



Complete the following sentences using the past simple in English:



1. Susan taught [teach] English at university last year.

2. John didn't like / did not like [not like] studying English.

3. My sister broke [break] my computer.

4. Sarah wrote [write] the best poem.

5. Did you know [you / know] the answer to the question?

6. She is [be] my favourite singer when I was younger.

7. George isn't / is not [not be] my best friend. 

8. Henry VIII had [have] five wives.

9. I studied [study] French two years ago.

10. My daughter drew [draw] a nice brown cat.