Listening 9 - Going shopping (Key answers)

Descripción: Listening básico 9 en inglés - Going shopping (Key anwers). Escucha el siguiente listening y completa los huecos. Después, comprueba tus respuestas.

Shopping is an activity I enjoy, especially when I can find great deals. I often go to the mall with my friends or family. We visit different stores and explore the latest fashion trends. I try on different clothes and choose the ones that fit me well and look good. Sometimes, I also shop for accessories like earrings or necklaces to enhance my outfits. In addition to clothes, I like browsing through bookstores. I find interesting novels and non-fiction books that capture my interest. At the grocery store, I help my parents in picking out fresh fruits and vegetables. I also look for my favorite snacks and beverages. It's important to compare prices and check for discounts to save money. Shopping is not just about buying things; it's also a social activity where I can spend quality time with loved ones and explore new products and trends.