Listening 4 - Colours everywhere (Key answers)

Descripción: Listening básico 4 en inglés - Colours everywhere (Key answers). Escucha el siguiente listening y completa los huecos. Después, comprueba tus respuestas. 


Colours are all around us, and they make the world a vibrant and beautiful place. The sky is blue, and the sun is yellow. Grass is green, and flowers come in different colours like red, yellow, and purple. My favorite colour is blue because it reminds me of the ocean. I also like the colour red because it's bright and bold. In art class, we learn how to mix colours to create new ones. For example, when we mix red and yellow, we get orange. When we mix blue and yellow, we get green. It's fun to experiment with colours and see what new shades we can create. Colours can also represent emotions. When I'm happy, I feel like everything around me is colourful and bright. When I'm sad, everything seems grey and dull. Colours add so much joy and excitement to our lives.