Future tenses in English

Future simple (Will)




- Predictions. For example: Paul will pass his exams (but he still doesn't know if he will)

- Spontaneous decisions: “Which do you prefer tea or coffee? – I will have a coffee”

Actions that will happen for sure: I will be 18 next month.





- Afirmative: subject + will + infinitive (without -to) + complements

- Negative: subject + won't + infinitive (without -to)  + complements

- Question: Will + subject + infinitive (without -to) + complements?

Conjugación futuro simple en inglés.

Future for plans (Going to)





-  The future with "going to" is used when we plan to do something and we know when the action will take place. For example: I am going to go to David’s party this weekend.





- Afirmative: subject + am/is/are + going to + infinitive + complements

- Negative: subject + am/is/are + not + going to + infinitive + complements

- Question: am/is/are + subject + going to + complements?


Conjugación futuro planeado en inglés.