¿Cómo escribir una redacción de tu vida diaria en inglés?

Antes de escribir cualquier tipo de redacción es muy importante poner nuestras ideas en orden. Fíjate en el siguiente ejemplo:

writing - daily life

Ahora que ya tenemos claro cuales son las ideas principales que vamos a desarrollar, podemos organizarlas teniendo en cuenta el siguiente diagrama en el cual organizaremos nuestra redacción en párrafos:


 1º Párrafo: Introducción


My daily life is

very exciting

rather amusing

not very interesting




 2º párrafo: cuerpo principal (explica tus acciones diarias)


In the morning, I

 get up

have breakfast



 3º párrafo: conclusión


To sum up,

In short,

All in all,

To conclude,

my daily life......

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    alexandra (martes, 22 agosto 2017 04:27)

    My life is not very excited, as we are in vacations, I usually wake up at 10:30 am, I take a shower and then I have breakfast.
    I like to watch movies or go out with my friends, my favorite movie is called Letters for Juliet and my best friend is calles Pedrita.
    I have 2 wonderfull dogs their names are Princesa and Sofi, so in the afternoon we go to the park and play.
    I study in Solo hermosas school, my favorite subject is make up and I hate math.
    In the night I like to go out with my boyfriend Jonathan, he has 18 years old and we usually go to parties so I sleep very late.

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    Ejercicios Inglés Online (martes, 22 agosto 2017 08:19)

    Tienes fallos graves. Por ejemplo la edad se expresa con el verbo be en inglés...."He is eighteen years old".
    Después de like el verbo va en gerundio (-ing).

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    Walddy (miércoles, 30 agosto 2017 03:44)

    My daily routine isn't very exciting, when I am in class I get up aylt 6am, take a shower and I go at the university, but now that we are in vacations I get up at 8am and then I go to work. I like going to dinner with my friends and be with my nephew.

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    karina (jueves, 05 octubre 2017 23:56)

    My daily life is very tired because I study everyday from monday to saturday.
    In the morning I usually get up at five o cloc´k, later I take a shower and then I take my breakfast at 6:30 pm.
    At seven o cloc´k I get start my lessons.When I to be whit my friends I enjoy with they because we can talk , play and working together.However, sometimes, our days was bored because some lessons are very tired .At 6:00 pm finish my lessons and then we can go to take a breakfast , later take a shower and then make our homework in the nigth.Finally I go to my bed at eleven o clok´c.

    All in all my daily life some times is very tired and bored.

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    Ejercicios Inglés Online (viernes, 06 octubre 2017 00:03)

    Días de la semana en mayúscula.

    Whit se escribe WITH.

    I TO BE no existe... se dice I AM.

    Our días WERE...

    Tienes fallos graves también.

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    Ejercicios Inglés Online (viernes, 06 octubre 2017 00:04)

    * Our days WERE...

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    Er (miércoles, 01 noviembre 2017 17:28)


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    CMARTINEZR26 (viernes, 24 noviembre 2017 13:08)


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    Catita (lunes, 11 diciembre 2017 08:01)

    My name is Catalina, I´m 22 years old, and I´m mexican, my daily life is very busy, I get up at seven o´clock, I take a shower at quarter past seven, last I have breakfast at 7:30 am, then at 8:00 o´clock I go to school, and I come home at 2:00 o´clock, I have lunch at 3:00 o´clock, I do my homework at 4:00 o´clock, and at 5:00 o´clock I wash my uniform and some clothes for wear them on next day, at seven o´clock my parents and I have dinner, half past seven, I do cleaning the kintchen, 8:00 o´clock is my favourite time because I watch my interesting korean serie, after my mother and I do zumba and at 10:00 o´clock I take a shower again, and finally I go to bed at 11:00 o´clock :)

    Apenas estoy comenzando a adentrarme a este mundo, intenté que fuera lo más lógico que pude, dudo que lo haya logrado, pero en fin, me encantaría que me hiciera las correcciones pertinentes, bueno si es posible, claro :) ¡Saludos!

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    Reynaldo (jueves, 11 enero 2018 17:50)

    My daily life is very exciting because every day is a challenge for me. I often get up at 8:00 in the morning, then I take a shower, brush my teeth, comb my hair and get dressed. I also pray to God thanking him for a new day. I'm 25 years old and I'm musician. I study English very often because I think it's a useful tool to communicate with other people around the world. I also practice playing guitar and singing everyday. I like composing new songs so I always study musical harmony for a few hours. To sum up, I think that life is easier when you do what you love. Anyone who does what they love won't have a boring life. I'm pretty sure. ;)