¿Cómo escribir una redacción de tu vida diaria en inglés?

Antes de escribir cualquier tipo de redacción es muy importante poner nuestras ideas en orden. Fíjate en el siguiente ejemplo:

writing - daily life

Ahora que ya tenemos claro cuales son las ideas principales que vamos a desarrollar, podemos organizarlas teniendo en cuenta el siguiente diagrama en el cual organizaremos nuestra redacción en párrafos:


 1º Párrafo: Introducción


My daily life is

very exciting

rather amusing

not very interesting




 2º párrafo: cuerpo principal (explica tus acciones diarias)


In the morning, I

 get up

have breakfast



 3º párrafo: conclusión


To sum up,

In short,

All in all,

To conclude,

my daily life......

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    alexandra (martes, 22 agosto 2017 04:27)

    My life is not very excited, as we are in vacations, I usually wake up at 10:30 am, I take a shower and then I have breakfast.
    I like to watch movies or go out with my friends, my favorite movie is called Letters for Juliet and my best friend is calles Pedrita.
    I have 2 wonderfull dogs their names are Princesa and Sofi, so in the afternoon we go to the park and play.
    I study in Solo hermosas school, my favorite subject is make up and I hate math.
    In the night I like to go out with my boyfriend Jonathan, he has 18 years old and we usually go to parties so I sleep very late.

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    Ejercicios Inglés Online (martes, 22 agosto 2017 08:19)

    Tienes fallos graves. Por ejemplo la edad se expresa con el verbo be en inglés...."He is eighteen years old".
    Después de like el verbo va en gerundio (-ing).

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    Walddy (miércoles, 30 agosto 2017 03:44)

    My daily routine isn't very exciting, when I am in class I get up aylt 6am, take a shower and I go at the university, but now that we are in vacations I get up at 8am and then I go to work. I like going to dinner with my friends and be with my nephew.

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    karina (jueves, 05 octubre 2017 23:56)

    My daily life is very tired because I study everyday from monday to saturday.
    In the morning I usually get up at five o cloc´k, later I take a shower and then I take my breakfast at 6:30 pm.
    At seven o cloc´k I get start my lessons.When I to be whit my friends I enjoy with they because we can talk , play and working together.However, sometimes, our days was bored because some lessons are very tired .At 6:00 pm finish my lessons and then we can go to take a breakfast , later take a shower and then make our homework in the nigth.Finally I go to my bed at eleven o clok´c.

    All in all my daily life some times is very tired and bored.

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    Ejercicios Inglés Online (viernes, 06 octubre 2017 00:03)

    Días de la semana en mayúscula.

    Whit se escribe WITH.

    I TO BE no existe... se dice I AM.

    Our días WERE...

    Tienes fallos graves también.

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    Ejercicios Inglés Online (viernes, 06 octubre 2017 00:04)

    * Our days WERE...