Ficha de actividades 5 - Intermedio

Ficha de actividades 5 en inglés - Nivel intermedio

Descripción: Ficha de actividades 5 - Nivel intermedio. Completa los siguientes ejercicios con la respuesta correcta. Escribe "true" o "false" en el ejercicio 1. En el siguiente ejercicio coloca las palabras en la oración correcta. Por último, en el ejercicio de gramática completa las frases con la forma verbal correcta de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis.

The Lungs of Our Planet: Forests

Forests, often described as the lungs of the Earth, play a vital role in the world's ecological balance. They cover about one-third of the globe's land area and are home to a vast array of flora and fauna. Forests are crucial for producing oxygen, absorbing carbon dioxide, and providing livelihoods for millions of people.

Despite their importance, global deforestation is occurring at an alarming rate due to logging, agriculture, and urban expansion. This loss not only threatens biodiversity but also contributes significantly to climate change. Conservation efforts are essential to protect these precious ecosystems for future generations.

Sustainable management and conservation of forests involve protecting existing wooded areas, restoring degraded lands, and responsibly planting new trees. These efforts ensure that forests continue to support biodiversity, help fight climate change, and sustain communities around the world.

Decide if the following statements are True or False based on the text:

1. Forests occupy about half of the Earth's land area.
2. Forests play a crucial role in producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide.
3. The main cause of deforestation is natural disasters.
4. Conservation efforts are not necessary for forest preservation.
5. Sustainable management includes restoring degraded lands.

Fill in the blanks with the following words:

"biodiversity", "carbon dioxide", "sustainable", "deforestation", "ecological"

6. ________ is a critical challenge facing our planet, leading to the loss of trees and habitats.
7. Forests absorb ________ from the atmosphere, helping to combat global warming.
8. Conservation efforts aim to protect ________, ensuring the survival of countless species.
9. ________ management practices help ensure that forest resources can meet our needs today without compromising the future.
10. Forests maintain an ________ balance vital for life on Earth.

Complete the following sentences with the correct verb tense and include an adverb:

11. Trees in the rainforest _____ (grow) rapidly due to the moist environment. (present simple)
12. Many species _____ (lose) their habitats tragically due to unchecked human activity. (present perfect simple)
13. Deforestation _____ (continue) to pose a serious threat to global climate stability. (present simple)
14. There ______ (be) a new conservation area established recently in the Amazon. (present perfect simple)
15. _____ there been (be) any successful reforestation projects in your country lately? (present perfect simple)