Ficha de actividades 4 - Intermedio

Ficha de actividades 4 en inglés - Nivel intermedio

Descripción: Ficha de actividades 4 - Nivel intermedio. Completa los siguientes ejercicios con la respuesta correcta. Escribe "true" o "false" en el ejercicio 1. En el siguiente ejercicio coloca las palabras en la oración correcta. Por último, en el ejercicio de gramática completa las frases con la forma verbal correcta de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis.

The Mysteries of the Ocean

The ocean, covering over 70% of the Earth's surface, is home to incredible biodiversity and complex ecosystems. It plays a crucial role in regulating the planet's climate by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. The vast and mysterious depths of the ocean are filled with a myriad of species, many of which are yet to be discovered.

Marine scientists tirelessly work to understand the ocean's ecosystems, which are essential for the survival of many species, including humans. Pollution, overfishing, and climate change pose significant threats to these underwater worlds. Protecting the ocean is not just about conserving water bodies; it's about ensuring the survival of Earth's intricate web of life.

Exploring the ocean's depths has unveiled surprising discoveries, from underwater volcanoes to ancient shipwrecks. These explorations not only reveal the ocean's secrets but also how interconnected our lives are with the health of these blue waters.

Decide if the following statements are True or False based on the text:

1. The ocean occupies less than half of the Earth's surface.
2. The ocean is critical for producing oxygen and regulating climate.
3. All species living in the ocean have been discovered.
4. Climate change does not affect the ocean's ecosystems.
5. Underwater exploration has led to the discovery of ancient shipwrecks.

Fill in the blanks with the following words:

"biodiversity", "ecosystems", "pollution", "conserving", "interconnected"

6. The ocean's ________ includes a vast range of life forms.
7. Marine scientists study the ocean's ________ to better understand marine life.
8. ________ from plastic waste is a major threat to marine species.
9. ________ water bodies is crucial for the health of the planet.
10. Our lives are deeply ________ with the health of the ocean.

Complete the following sentences with the correct verb tense and include an adverb:

11. The coral reefs _____ (bloom) beautifully in the warm sunlight right now.
12. Last year, we _____ (reduce) plastic usage significantly to protect marine life.
13. Plastic pollution _____ (pose) a severe threat to the ocean's health.
14. There _____ (be) an undiscovered species lurking mysteriously in the deep ocean.
15. _____ (be) there any new initiatives to clean the oceans effectively?