Ficha de actividades 3 - Intermedio

Ficha de actividades 3 en inglés - Nivel intermedio

Descripción: Ficha de actividades 3 - Nivel intermedio. Completa los siguientes ejercicios con la respuesta correcta. Escribe "true" o "false" en el ejercicio 1. En el siguiente ejercicio coloca las palabras en la oración correcta. Por último, en el ejercicio de gramática completa las frases con la forma verbal correcta de los verbos que hay entre paréntesis.

The Magic of Reading

Reading is a wonderful activity that expands our horizons and enriches our minds. It enables us to dive into different cultures, times, and perspectives, broadening our understanding of the world. My preferred genre is science fiction. Science fiction novels offer a glimpse into futuristic worlds, advanced technologies, and complex ethical dilemmas. They stimulate our intellect and challenge our imagination in unique ways.

Literature has been an invaluable source of insight and contemplation throughout history. It presents an opportunity to reflect on societal issues, personal dilemmas, and the very essence of humanity. The relationship between a reader and a book is intimate; a well-written book can influence thoughts, emotions, and even one's life direction.

Exploring new authors and narratives is a significant part of the joy of reading. Whether it’s revisiting a beloved classic or experiencing the excitement of a recent publication, each book offers an exclusive journey that can captivate and sometimes transform us.

Decide if the following statements are True or False based on the text:

1. Science fiction novels primarily deal with past events and historical figures.
2. Literature can only provide entertainment, lacking in depth or intellectual stimulation.
3. Books enable readers to explore different cultures and historical periods.
4. The bond between a reader and a book is superficial and fleeting.
5. Discovering new stories and authors is considered one of the pleasures of reading.

Fill in the blanks with the following words:

"cultures", "impact", "imagination", "insight", "journey"

6. Science fiction challenges our ________ with futuristic scenarios.
7. A book's ________ can change one's perspective or life direction.
8. Literature has been an invaluable source of ________ throughout history.
9. Each book offers an exclusive ________ that can captivate us.
10. Reading enables us to dive into different ________, times, and perspectives.

Complete the following sentences with the correct verb tense:

11. I often _____ (find) myself lost in the pages of a good book.
12. Science fiction books _____ (stimulate) our intellect in unique ways.
13. They _____ (offer) a glimpse into futuristic worlds and dilemmas.
14. Last week, I _____ (start) exploring a new genre.
15. The influence of reading on personal development _____ (be) profound.