Tiempos verbales mezclados - Ejercicio 20

Descripción: Tiempos verbales - Ejercicio 20. Elige la respuesta correcta. Al final del ejercicio te mostramos en verde tus respuestas correctas y en rojo las incorrectas.



Elige la opción correcta para completar la oración:


1. He ____ (visit) his grandparents every summer.

2. They ____ (finish) their homework before they went out to play.

3. By next month, I ____ (save) enough money to buy a new car.

4. She ____ (study) all night for the exam.

5. If they ____ (know) the truth, they would have reacted differently.

6. They ____ (live) in the same house for twenty years.

7. He ____ (write) a letter to his friend yesterday.

8. She ____ (wait) for the bus for twenty minutes when it finally arrived.

9. By the end of the year, he ____ (learn) to speak French.

10. While I ____ (read), my sister was watching TV.