Presente perfecto simple vs continuo - Ejercicio 13

Descripción: Presente perfecto simple vs presente perfecto continuo - Ejercicio 13. Completa las siguientes oraciones utilizando la forma correcta del presente perfecto simple o el continuo. Después, comprueba tus respuestas. 


Completa las oraciones con la forma correcta del presente perfecto simple o presente perfecto continuo:

1. She (not/finish) her work yet.
2. They (watch) TV all day.
3. (he/read) that book since yesterday?
4. We (not/play) tennis recently.
5. (they/argue) for hours?
6. Tom (travel) to Europe this year.
7. They (not/visit) London yet.
8. (she/wait) for you since morning?
9. (you/learn) French for a long time?
10. My parents (not/be) to Asia recently.
11. (he/try) to fix the car since yesterday?
12. Sarah (study) Spanish for a month.
13. How long (you/work) here?
14. We (not/see) them recently.
15. (he/look) for his keys all day?
16. He (not/sleep) well lately.
17. (they/work) on this project since morning?
18. They (not/eat) anything all day.
19. (you/think) about it since yesterday?
20. My brother (not/work) on his project lately.