Idiomatic Expressions

1. What's wrong?


What's wrong with John? He looks sad (¿Qué pasa con John? Parece triste).


What's wrong with the car? It won't go (¿Qué pasa con el coche? No anda)



2. Let me have


Let me have two euros to buy a magazine (Déjame dos euros para comprar una revista).



3. That's the trouble


I want to buy a t-shirt but I haven't got any money. That's the trouble (Quiero comprar una camiseta pero no tengo dinero. Ese es el problema).



4. Wait a minute


Wait a moment please. My sister is just coming. (Espera un momento por favor. Mi hermana ya viene).



5. Be ready 


You don't have to wait. I am ready to go. (No tienes que esperar. Estoy lista para irnos)




6. How long?


How long are you going to be in Rome? Only for two weeks (¿Cuánto tiempos te vas a quedar en Roma? Solo dos semanas)



7. A bit early


Your friends haven't come yet. It is a bit early. (Tus amigos no han llegado todavía. Es un poco temprano)



8. At once


I'll do it for you at once. (Te lo haré al momento).



9. To be late


If you don't walk a little bit faster you are going to be late (Si no andas un poco más deprisa vas a a llegar tarde).



10. Come on


Come on. It is late! (Vamos. ¡Es tarde!


11. To be long


Are you going to be long? (¿Vas a tardar mucho?



12. Be born


I was born in 1982 (Nací en 1982)



13. It is (very) cold 


It is snowing and it is very cold (Está nevando y hace mucho fío)



14. It is fine


The sun is shining. It is fine (Hace sol. Hace bueno)



15. Where on earth?


Where on earth  have you put it? (¿Dónde diablos lo has puesto?



16. Be careful


You must always be careful when you cross the road (Siempre debes tener cuidado cuando cruzas la carretera).



17. Do well


His business is doing really well (Le va muy bien en sus negocios).



18. Each other


They looked at each other and smiled (Se miraron el uno al  otro y sonrieron).



19. Good marks


He got very good marks in his examinations (El sacó muy buenas notas en sus exámenes)



20. At all


Please, play the piano. It doesn't annoy me at all.



21. What a day



First it rained, then snowed and now is foggy. What a day! (Primero llovió, luego nevó y ahora hay niebla.¡Vaya día!



22. All over the world


BBC is heard all over the world (La BBC se oye en todo el mundo).